I sold 28 pair of used shoes and made a 400% profit margin in 7 days.

I know, crazy right! Now this may sound shocking but it was just the beginning.

Let’s go back to 2002 — SHOEBACCA.com was born and within two years we ramped up to just over $5M in sales and continue to grow steadily year over year.

Now it was not all easy. I’m a person who believes in going after your dreams, you must attack them fully, they are not just going to come to you magically. With that came struggles, like purchasing, inventory control, customer service, marketing spend, cash flow, systems and technology. Combine all of this and it’s enough to make you mad.

As they say adversity creates strength through fortitude. SHOEBACCA is a success story and as President & COO I helped lead 170 people as we diversified and sold through multiple channels, including our own website.

This was a 10 year journey for me and I experienced amazing success. Knowing how it all started, selling those used shoes and turning that into a multi-million dollar business you might be wondering, “Is there something special about me or my circumstances?” On the contrary, I am actually a high school drop out. I leveraged the power of pushing through all obstacles to get where I am and the one thing that I am certain of is that you cannot ever give up.

I learned more about business, through real-life, practical application, than I ever could articulate here. When you start your own business, you are responsible for EVERYTHING that needs to be completed. I understand the pain points you have. I lived them. More importantly, I understand your need for consumable information that you can quickly implement and move on to the next thing that needs addressing.

Are you ready to create your own future? Do you want to learn from someone that has already forged the path you want to take? Someone who has made the mistakes, so you don’t have to?

Success is teachable. If you have the drive to reach your dream, I have the skill to guide you towards growth. I come from a place of real life, practical experience – with substantial results. Over the course of my career in e-commerce, I started and forged a multi-million dollar business as well as worked with other entrepreneurs to propel their continued success. My diverse and comprehensive background provides the foundation for all that I have accomplished.

The Muse Maven is about providing inspiration, knowledge and motivation. I value authenticity, integrity and creativity. So if your here, I believe we were meant to meet. Please come over to my Facebook Group (Muse Maven Mastermind) and say hi to a wonderful community of supportive e-commerce entrepreneurs.

My intention is to offer you incredible value and I want you to know that I am COMPLETELY invested in your success. I want to give you this final thought…”You must make a Choice to take a Chance or your life will never Change”.

In the meantime, there’s a group of people that would be really great for you to meet.

They’re waiting for you in the Muse Maven Mastermind.

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