Hi, I’m Angie Grimes and I’m obsessed with showing entrepreneurs how to accomplish incredible things with proven tactics & strategies. I can position you to own a thriving eCommerce business by providing the knowledge and experience to bridge the gaps in your business.

I work with multi-channel, pureplay and start-ups with extensive experience in developing eCommerce strategies to help define and translate brands into sustainable digital channels. My programs provide the step-by-step process to achieve scalable and consistent results.

eCommerce Statistics

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# online shoppers

eCommerce sales


conversion rate


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(in Millions)

*source: Statista

(in Billions)

*source: Statista

(average 3.26%)

*source: Monetate

(prior to purchase)

Omni-channel Marketing Strategy

An omnichannel approach puts the customer at the center of its strategy ensuring that customers receive a consistent personalized conversation with your brand. No small feat!

Website Analytics

The method of using big data and user feedback to improve performance and validate the decisions for business analysis. Primarily, by determining and improving KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) metrics.

Social & PR

A multi-channel social media strategy is a crucial aspect of modern marketing campaigns, but there is a need to identify the channels that your target audience is most likely to use through the use of buyer personas and corresponding analytics.

Online Marketing

The holy grail of all things eCommerce! Welcome to acronym central; from email marketing, blogging, Pay Per Click (PPC), social media content, comparison shopping engines (CSE), multi-channel marketplace (Amazon, eBay, etc.) and MUCH more.

Operations Optimization

Online ordering is pushing brick-and-mortar retailers beyond the traditional supply chain infrastructure. Logistics, fulfillment, credit card processing, accounting. There are alternative ways to increase your revenue, without raising prices.


Branding Identification & Strategy

Define how your customers see your business and product by figuring out your “winning-difference”. Most importantly it’s what helps you stand out from the competition and avoiding having to compete on price.


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