My name is Angie Grimes also known as Muse Maven & I'm a Spiritual Architect.

I act as an important catalyst for individuals who are prepared to stop operating with an incomplete identity and move away from a painful foundation. 

This is about finding the calling of the vastness of who you are so that you can begin to live a life that is fulfilling, purposeful, and peaceful.

Revealing your soul blueprint can help you to:

  • feel more fulfilled 
  • relieve confusion and allow you to move forward in a new direction 
  • provide you clarity in our day to day,  
  • help you rediscover and build a better relationship with yourself

More Aligned

Discovering your soul is essentially discovering your true inner being and through this discovery, you are able to align with your purpose and what makes you feel whole.

More Clarity

Each week’s plan gets you ahead of the game with 30 minutes of weekend prep

More Fulfilled

Begin to understand how you can move your life into more alignment with who you are at soul-level so that you can experience more flow and fulfillment.

“I had such a great time talking with Angie today about my chart. She made me laugh so much while giving me the information on my human design. The information was so accurate and I feel so happy to have this information. Thank you Angie for your time. I am so thankful for all the great information and I plan to utilize the suggestions and I’m ready to get out and explore.”

Sara D.

“Angie Grimes one-of-a-kind wisdom and insights into the Human Design System is truly transformational for those on a personal and professional development path. I highly recommend having Angie take you step-by-step through your design blueprint.”

Joie G.

All of my Soul Purpose Blueprints are created 100% custom and unique for you!

Here's how to begin:  

Step 1: Send me a message Step 2: Payment holds your appointment Step 3: I gather the following information from you: Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Location of Birth (It's important to have specific information to gain the most insight) Step 4: Get your session on the calendar Step 5: Your session takes 20 minutes Your session provides you soul purpose and voila your further along your path to knowing the you that makes!